If you’re an aspiring writer or a book lover, you should go to Kampot and meet with other like-minded people at Kampot Writers and Readers Festival (KWRF) 2016. This is a rare event that celebrates ideas. The first celebration started in 2015. With this being said, writing contests are available for aspiring writers pretty much anywhere. Of course, people who live far from the festival may miss out, but this doesn’t mean not exploring other avenues of getting your work out there.

This year in Kampot, the festival will take place from 3-6 November. KWRF will also happen in Phnom Penh on 1/2/7 of November. The event will focus on ‘Peace, Freedom, and Prosperity’ (Santiphap, Seripheap, Pheap Roungrueng) to mark the 25th anniversary of the Paris Peace Accords. As a participant, you’ll have much to enjoy askwrf_2016the event will bring together a community of literary lovers for discussions, conversations, poetry readings, music concerts, cooking classes, gourmet lunches, children’s events, architecture, salt & pepper tours, art exhibitions, book launches, book swaps, guided tours, workshops, literature. KWRF is proud to be an official sister festival of Ubud Writers & Readers Festival, a regional event of words and ideas.

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