Editor’s note: Below is the traveller’s journal of Hugo on his trip to Kep and Kampot in Cambodia. All content and images are from the contributor.

My friends and I, are living in Phnom Penh and wanted to leave the capital city for some days to go on visiting southern Cambodia, especially Kep and Kampot. We booked bus tickets through BookMeBus, easy booking and we got very good prices compared to the other travelers we met over there.

kep and kampotOnce we arrived in Kampot, the first thing we did was to rent a scooter to get ourselves outside of the city in order to find a great hostel to stay. We crossed the new bridge and went up north, following the River. After 5 minutes driving we arrived in an incredible hostel, with terrace above the river! Amazing! We booked there for a night and we get back to our scooter to discover the countryside around. We got lost but we finally arrived to the seaside where we stayed for a few hours.

Kampot city is not the most beautiful place in this part of the country but I highly recommend to book a room/dorm in one of those hostel on the river side and from there take the time to visit the countryside.


The day after we did the road from Kampot to Kep . Once we got there we booked a room in a dorm at Kepmandou hostel and started discovering the surroundings. I recommend this hostel, it’s clean, cheap and people are nice. Furthermore, they have maps of the countryside around in which they wrote down all the amazing places to discover motorcycling!

kampot and kep

From there, we were hanging around during two days, getting lost on rice fields, we went to a lake way north from Kep and we got so lost that we ended at the Vietnamese border! Kep countryside is really great, diversify and easy to go all over! I also really recommend to go to the crab market in Kep where you can eat really well and for every price range.

kep and kampot 2

This region is really nice for those who wants to travel on their own and visit countryside, rice field and having a boat trip on Mekong. For those who prefers to enjoy beaches, I would more recommend Sihanouk and the islands around. There is one beach in Kep, which is alright but really crowded during weekends and holidays. We stayed 4 days in this region, which is great but not enough if you really want to make the most of this place. I would recommend you to stay about a week.

After this trip around Kep and Kampot, we had to get back to our Phnom Penh, we booked bus through BookMeBus and we got back as easily as we arrived.

I hope that I helped you and that you will go on discovering all over Cambodia!

See you around!



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