Customers’ satisfaction is one of BookMeBus top priorities. At BookMeBus, we always want to make it super easy for anyone in Cambodia to book bus tickets for an enjoyable ride. Early this month, BookMeBus CEO, Chea Langda, had a good chance to get latest updates on the road safety and government policy at an informal dinner meeting, presided by H.E. Sun Chanthol, the Cambodian Minister for Public Works and Transport.

At Himawari Hotel, about 30 people from the public and private sector discussed road safety and ways to improve.

One of the key takeaways from the meeting and discussion, initiated by a group of Cambodian Professionals (also known as Campro), is how can help contribute to a better bus travel experience. While the core business of BookMeBus is online bus ticket booking, the information and feedback from the customers, through the online platform, will play an important part to help both bus operators and travelers themselves. For instance, most of customers always ask for information about which bus company is good, better, or the best. During the meeting, Langda pointed it out that BookMeBus’s online customer review/rating after their trips “would help a lot since bus companies have to offer better services to compete for more customers. I can see the example of how hotels around the world treat Trip Advisor.”

BookMeBus CEO mentioned that more information from bus travelers will help bus company to do better.

These are some highlights from the conversation:

  • To minimize traffic jam, road maintenances take place during night time rather than day time, whenever possible.
  • By the end 2016, the Ministry will introduce a new, improved way to obtaining driving license through computer-based test
  • Speed up the process of renewing driving license. Starting a few months ago, Cambodians can quickly get their renewed license at an office inside the Aeon mall in Phnom Penh.
  • An introduction of a new online registration of vehicle ownership plate numbers
  • No longer just in Phnom Penh, vehicle checkups can be done across Cambodia.
  • To minimize the road damage caused by overloaded trucks, a new measure is in place to penalize the driver and the company owners.
  • Distribute free reflective stickers to vehicle owners in rural areas with limited lighting at night.
  • New road and bridge construction: Stoeung Trang bridge, four-lane express road from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville (Kampong Som)
  • From Kampong Cham’s Skun to Siem Reap, there will be a tuk tuk lane.
  • A new road to be built from Veal Veng to Koh Kong
  • Introducing mobile teams of pot hole fixers, who will quickly help with road maintenance.

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