If you are planning a trip to Cambodia anytime soon, please be advised that rainy season has started. It is quite rare to have a day without a single drop of rain these days, so it is best to start preparing for rain – just in case. Cambodia rainy season should not stop travelers, from stepping outside.

You can survive. And here are some tips how to:

rainy season cambodia

What to wear in the rainy season

  • Ditch the umbrella – More often than not, rains in Cambodia are windy. If you bring an umbrella along, you often end up with an upturned one in a matter of minutes.
  • Wear flipflops – If you find yourself in Phnom Penh, then chances are, you might waddle into some flood. It does flood in Phnom Penh, despite best efforts to control the waters. Wearing fancy shoes is not really ideal, and you just might end up with soggy shoes and socks.
  • Buy the plastic ponchos – One of the things that is GREAT about being in Cambodia is that there are plastic ponchos sold everywhere. Okay, getting fancy raincoats might come to mind, but if you are just on a trip, then these plastic ponchos are very useful. One plastic poncho is often sold at 2,000 riels or $0.50.
  • Dress appropriately – Moving around can be cumbersome in wet jeans, so shorts are ideal. Most people travel in shorts or pants that are easy to roll up during this time. In most cases, bringing additional clothes to change into is always a good idea.

Transportation during the rainy season

There are many ways to get around during the rainy season. However, if you are visiting a part of Cambodia that is prone to flood, getting around on tuk tuk would be your best option. Most tuk tuk also have covers that will protect passengers from the strong rain and wind. Best way would be by taxi, although it is more expensive.

Bonus tips

  • Get a rain cover for backpacks that are not waterproof
  • Put electronics and important things (i.e., passports and documentation) in plastic bags
  • Remember to have fun!