Editor’s Note: Below is an adventure from 3leaf-clover, one of our Travelogue contributors, on her Thailand to Cambodia trip. Her story talks of her regret of not using BookMeBus when planning ahead. Check it out!

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Hello to my fellow travelers!

I wanted to share a story on how we traveled from Bangkok to Siem Reap. Before deciding on our final itinerary, we thought many times on what transportation should we use in crossing between these two countries. We initially plan to book a direct bus through bookmebus.com before our trip from a bus company called Nattakan which was referred by one of our friends. But finally we decided not to do so as we are not sure on the time of our arrival at the Bangkok International Airport also known as Suvarnabhumi Airport. We heard from a friend that the flight from our chosen airline is delayed most of the time.

We tried to come at Mochit bus station as fast as we could as we decided to take a bus from there. We reached the station around 11am and can’t think of alternative way to reach our destination so we decided to take a taxi from there going to Aranyaprathet border. We didn’t expect our travel to be that expensive. We have wasted time and of course money on that trip. We regret not booking in that bus company beforehand as we knew that was a good company with good reviews and recommendations from our fellow travelers. Also it was a direct bus where we don’t need to take our luggage in immigration office of both countries. This is an advice from us is based on this experience. You should plan your trip well. Research on what are the options for you to travel and choose the best. Book all the things that can be done before like flights, hotels and also transportation so that you’ll enjoy your vacation more. We are hoping that you will not experience the same as we do.

Thanks for reading this and always smile, relax and enjoy your trips and vacations.