BookMeBus introduced its very first mobile app in early 2016 with only Bus booking feature, and confirmation would take up to 24 hours. Moreover, it was a great starting point for us to get to our user closers and understand their needs in just 1 click away. The coming new version has incorporated the new technology that offers keys to travel solutions.

Today, we are proud to introduce the new BookMeBus app with a new look and focuses mainly on the user’s experiences, bring passengers closer to our support team and more features for their convenience. Moreover, the new layout mainly designed to deliver a fresh look and feel to all levels of users and more easy to the eyes.

Here is the latest update on our app:
1. Improving user experience: More interactive keys that enable users to feel more attached to the app and find it easy when planning for their trip. 

2. Bus, Taxi, and Ferry booking – all in one platform for users to get more than just their bus tickets. 

3. Able to book a return trip: now users can be better at planning the trip by booking a return ticket for less hassle, and secure seats. 

4. Language Choice:  All feature and keys translated to either English /Khmer to assist users who have a language barrier or who prefer either language. 

5. Trip Reminder: Every trip has a reminder 2 hours before the trip starts for more interaction and help users ensure their readiness for the trip. 

6. E-ticket: Once the payment is completed, users will get instant confirmation and receive their e-ticket right after that. The e-ticket contains QR code, support’s contact, and map for boarding and drop-off point that helps users get their transfer once they reach their destination or how to get to the station. 

7. Call Button: BookMeBus support team is just one click away; there is a ‘call’ button on the bottom left where users can contact the team for any urgent matters, they don’t have to go through trouble finding the team’s contact. 

Download BookMeBus Mobile App