If you are wondering what else is there to see in Siem Reap other than the temples or the famed Angkor temples, then you can check out the floating villages around the area.

Things to do in Siem Reap

In a nutshell, there are actually a lot of things that you could do during your trip to Siem Reap. Some of these are the following:

  • Hot air balloon views of Siem Reap – these are ideal during sunset!
  • Enjoy the night life at Pub Street – the parties get rowdier during special holidays.
  • Street food adventure – if you are new to Cambodia, you will for sure enjoy the varied street food (just make sure your stomach can handle it!)
  • Temple runs! – spend several days exploring the many temples of the famed Angkor Wat. A definite MUST DO when you are in Siem Reap.
  • Visit the floating villages – there are many to choose from!

Floating Villages in Siem Reap

Over the past few years, the floating villages in Siem Reap have begun to attract tourists who are interested to see these floating villages in action. Not only that, but they have also travelled to floating schools and dine at floating restaurants.

floating villages siem reap

In addition to the floating villages, there are also stilted villages along the river banks that are also equally attractive to check out.

Some of the floating villages are the following:

  • Chong Kneas – the closest floating village from Siem Reap. It consists of both floating and stilted villages.
  • Kampong Khleang – has both floating and stilted villages
  • Kampong Phluk – mainly stilted villages and is composed of 3 villages.
  • Mechrey – a floating village that serves as the entry to Prek Toal Core Bird Reserve

So far, the best way to get to the floating villages is through tour operators.

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