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Pchum Ben Staycation: Things to do

As many locals head for the provinces during Pchum Ben, the streets of Cambodia’s urban areas somehow end up being quiet. Deserted to a certain extent. It is during these times that many expats travel outside of Cambodia, due to the long weekends this season brings. However, some do not have the luxury, and often consider having a Pchum Ben staycation.

Although at times it can feel too deserted during Pchum Ben, surely enjoying a staycation is not such a bad idea. What can you do during this time in the big city?

Pchum Ben Staycation: Things to do

  • Immerse yourself in tradition – For sure, there is a neighborhood pagoda which you can visit to observe Khmer tradition. It would be best, though, to go with a friend. That way, somebody can walk you through the process. Note: Please dress conservatively.
  • Biking through the empty streets – During Pchum Bend, the streets are noticeably peaceful and perfect for taking your bike out (or renting one!). While biking is possible during regular days, one often contends with traffic, vendors, among other things. However, during Pchum Ben, the peaceful streets make it possible to have a relaxing time exploring the city streets. Note: Extra caution should be exercised as there are some who drive fast at these times.
  • Go swimming at urban resorts – You do not need to go to the provinces in order to relax. There are many hidden gems in the city, where you can relax and swim, or sit by the poolside and read a book. There are many hotels that open their pools to non-guests at this time for a certain fee. A quick search will often reward you with several options during this time.
  • Have a picnic – Since the weather is nice in the afternoon, there is always that possibility of having a lovely afternoon picnic. Just make sure there is no rain. During Pchum Ben, the parks are often empty so it is possible to have a small spread and enjoy with friends or enjoy quiet moment with a book.
  • Get a massage – End your staycation during Pchum Ben with a nice massage or time at the spa. By the end of day, you will find yourself well pampered, rested, and well relaxed.

While the usual downside is that many shops are closed during this time, there are still several convenience stores that remain open. It is often recommended to stock up on some amenities for a couple of days. Still, this does not hinder anyone from having a much needed vacation. Even if it is a staycation during Pchum Ben.

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What is Pchum Ben?

For those who do not know what Pchum Ben is, here is a summary regarding this time in Cambodia:

  • It is 15-day Khmer religious festival
  • On these days, Khmer pay respects to their deceased relatives up to 7 generations
  • During Pchum Ben, it is believed that the gates of hell are being opened, and the ghosts are presumed to be active.
  • Traditionally, Khmer travel to their homelands where they will be paying their respects
  • It is a fact that during these times, it is high travel season due to the fact that many locals go home.

These are just fast facts for those who are not so aware of what Pchum Ben is. For travellers, it means that there is much activity in the provinces of Cambodia during this time, and more quietness in the city.

This year, Official Pchum Ben holidays are September 30, October 1, 2, and 3. It would be wise to start planning holidays around these dates.