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BookMeBus Widget: Let travelers book from your website

Great news Affiliates!

If you are one of our many BookMeBus Affiliates and Partners, then we have great news for you. You can now features the BookMeBus widget right on your website.

What is the BookMeBus Widget?

The BookMeBus widget is a small form that sits on your website – at the desired page you want – and lets your visitors to book bus tickets without leaving your page. This makes it increasingly easy and less cumbersome for your visitors to book their bus tickets.

Not only that, you reduce the risk of visitors forgetting to book through your affiliate / referral link.

bookmebus widget

How to have a BookMeBus widget?

Its really easy to have your own BookMeBus widget. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your account on the BookMeBus website
  2. Visit this link: Applications
  3. Click on the Create Application button
  4. Input the requested information
  5. Save

You can come back to the link above to check on the status of your application.

If you want to add the code ahead of time, you can view the instructions by clicking on the “Show” link.

If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot us an email at support[at]bookmebus.com.

Not an Affiliate?

If you are not yet an affiliate, but you would like to be one, please let us know! Send us an email at lorselle[at]bookmebus.com for more information. Or check out this page for more info.

Tell Us YOUR Stories, get 50% OFF your next ticket!

As a frequent traveler, I find myself getting into all sorts of adventures and lessons I learn on the road. Suffice to say, I have a lot of stories to share – ranging from bloopers to horrific encounters. One day I shall share these; however, now it is your turn to TELL US YOUR STORIES!


BookMeBus wants to hear from YOU

At BookMeBus, we love helping out travelers especially with the multitude of questions about places and tips. Unfortunately, we can only do so much.

It is all well and good for us to list down tips, tricks, and giving pieces of advice. However, we’ve come to a conclusion that the best information comes from those who have experienced it first hand. This is where YOU come in!

We would like to hear from you. Yes, YOU!

No, we do not really require long novels of your encounters – but we accept those, too! What we do ask from you are knowledge you may have gained, tips for future travelers, experiences, and lessons learned on your trip.

Post your stories

Below are our instructions and requirements in order to share your stories with us:

Write and share your travelogue:

  • Share your travelogue on your blog
  • Link to BookMeBus blog
  • Use hashtag: #BookMeBus
  • It can be a travel photo essay, too!
  • Don’t have a blog? Publish it on BookMeBus blog


  • Minimum: 300 words; longer, better
  • In English or Khmer
  • At least one photo; 3, better
  • About your real travel experience & personal observation

What do you get after sharing your story?

After sharing your story, we will take time to review it. Do not worry about grammatical or spelling errors, we don’t really mind. However, we would like to request you to send useful posts, without swearing or cursing, or inappropriate content. Images are also included.

Once approved, we will give you 50% off on your next bus ticket purchase at BookMeBus.

We are looking forward to hearing from all of you!

Things to do in Koh Rong

Due to our recent addition of trips to Koh Rong, we have experienced a barrage of questions on what to do when travelling to Koh Rong. So here are a few of our ideas on things to do in Koh Rong.

things to do in Koh Rong

Things to do in Koh Rong

  1. Sunrise and sunset watching. One simply must not miss out on the beauty of the sunrise and sunset at Koh Rong. Someone once said that if you have seen one sunset or sunrise, you have seen them all. But I, personally, disagree. I believe that each day is unique, and as such, sunrise and sunset is never EVER the same.
  2. Diving and snorkeling in the rich blue waters. If there is one thing that visitors can enjoy, it would be the gorgeous waters and enjoy some diving lessons that are offered. Most resorts or hotels already offer diving or snorkeling lessons to guests. Finding a class is never difficult to do.
  3. Get a tour of the island. Aside from the snorkeling and diving lessons, most hotels also offers tours of the area. Although this can sometimes be packaged if you already have a tour set up prior to your trip. When in doubt, it is always good to ask your hotel if they offer this service in case you are interested.
  4. Go on boat trips. Getting around the water is easy, and it is one of the top things to do in Koh Rong. Most guest houses offer the use of their own boats and have day tours. Usually, boat trips include swimming, barbecue, enjoying beers and going fishing or snorkeling. It is simply a fun day event.
  5. Kayaking to the small island, Koh Touch. On good weather, it is really possible to get on a kayak and paddle your way to the small island. Renting kayaks can be done by hourly or daily payment.
  6. Checking out Koh Touch. This small island is popular with guests, due to its size. Although it is simply a pagoda and some monks, but it is still one of the key places to visit when on a trip to Koh Rong.
  7. Check out the adventure park. Previously, there were not many things to do in Koh Rong. But now, there is an adventure park with a zip line, rope walk, and climbing, among other things.
  8. Check out glowing plankton. One of the things that Koh Rong is known for is having the bioluminescent plankton. However, this may be a bit tricky to find, but it is possible to spot some during moonless nights and when you venture out into the darker areas of the island.

things to do in koh rong 2

These are only a few of the things that visitors can do at Koh Rong. If you fancy simply lounging by the beach with a good book, then that is also fine. Otherwise, it also helps to ask the locals if they have tips for you, or ask from your friendly hotels for more ideas.

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