Langda CHEA, CEO

With a proverb saying ‘Nothing is impossible’, Langda has proven that a regular IT student can create a powerhouse in the tech industry, especially in his community. He found BookMeBus, a dynamic team that is building a digital ecosystem around transportation, offers every transport operators’ an opportunity to grow and expand.

His vision heartens many great leaders, and it allows him to have a team full of wisdom with a spirit of sharing. They now on their mission to build great products while adding more values to the tech industry.

Channa LY, CTO

Channa has more than 10 years of experience in Tech industry and the builder of BookMeBus powerful core since its first inception. As a CTO, it’s not just the tech performance he cares, he currently focuses to  transform ideas to business opportunities using his expertise in Agile methodology and HCD. 

He inspires his team with his extensive knowledge  in designing, developing and deploying critical application in the cloud, including Saas, eCommerce, and transportation. 

Chandara SANG, Head of Innovation

With curiosity and detail-oriented mindset, Dara has been learning many things during his 10+ years of experience including development, project management, and User experience. He always challenges the status quo and strives to make things better and faster. He is a person who strongly believes in teamwork which can make the impossible possible.

With more than a decade of practice, he has a strong knowledge of Mobile development, Project management with agile, and also mobile user experience.

Kimsrung LOV, Senior Web Developer

Kimsrung is known for her work in developing and design web application and the first trainer for ‘Sister of Code’ program. Five years into her working, she joined BookMeBus team as a Software Engineer.

She is a great leads and a  teacher to many in her team; despite her challenge as a women in tech industry she’s been using her achievement to inspire young women. She is a women catalyst in this fast-changing Cambodia tech industry and digital economy. 

Thaichor SENG, Senior Web Developer

A loving husband who lives life to the fullest each day. Thaichor is known as  an IT guy who aims for perfection, who believes coding is an art crafting only by strong mindsets of individuals. And age is just random number which indicates that one’s precious life has limitation.

Coding, Learning, Sharing, Caring, Appreciating, and Guiding describes Thaichor’s daily life and with his position as a leader at BookMeBus, he tries his best in guiding and helping; all in the pursuit of helping this tech communities to grow better and bigger. 

Visoth PECH, UX/UI Specialist

Before landed as an UX/UI team lead, Visoth built his milestone as a lead designer in a mobile app/website which received a lot of recognition during his college. With his creativity and dedication, He was assigned as the youngest team lead at BookMeBus; not only for the quality of work but the energy he puts in his team has inspired many.

A person’s creativity evolved through time, but to be able to understand users’ needs is the qualification that Visoth offers. Now, with his team, they are working their best to improve BookMeBus’s products and a promising tool for all kinds of users.