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Ho Chi Minh Fast Facts

Here are some Ho Chi Minh fast facts for those who plan to go on a trip outside Cambodia during the Water Festival. It is known that during the Water Festival, traffic is bad and the city is quite filled with people. As a result, many venture out in search…

Cambodia Post VIP Van

In order to help travelers feel secure when traveling across Cambodia, BookMeBus has come up with a series of information regarding our authorized partners. One of the top operators BookMeBus has is with Cambodia Post VIP Van. The Cambodia Post VIP Van boasts of having fast service to offer its customers….

Road Trip to Ho Chi Minh

If you are in Phnom Penh and would like to take a quick trip out of Cambodia, one of the nearest countries to check out is Vietnam. A road trip to Ho Chi Minh is always doable, for starters, since it is less than a day away. There is much…