Are you an ocean lover? Want to feel the amazing freshness? Do you know that the ocean supplies more than half of the oxygen in the world? So let make your brain satisfied by catching some ocean air and add these new destinations to your Southeast Asia itinerary now! The below article will bring you to experience the many famous and popular beach attraction from the Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam! Exciting? Yeahhhh! let ‘s go haha

1: Vũng Tàu

Vũng Tàu is a coastal town in Southern Vietnam and takes only 2hrs drive from the Ho Chi Minh City. With sea, mountain, the port, culture, and mixture of religions gives you a lot of sightseeing in this favorite town such as Vũng Tàu Lighthouse which is a little white building since 1907 on the top of a small mountain in Vũng Tàu. As well as, Christ of Vũng Tàu is known as the best landmark in town by having a 32 meters tall Jesus Christ sculpture and many more pagodas and temples there. Vung Tau also contains several beaches where you can have a relaxation time or enjoy swimming with different feelings and views based on your choices of interests. Plus, the people living there are nice and the community is convenient. Vũng Tàu is a must to see if you are traveling to Southern Vietnam and again if you are the ocean lover!!! 

How to go: This route provided by Hoa Mai Limousine, running 57 trips/day, departure every 30 minutes from Ho Chi Minh. Book your bus ticket.

2: Mũi Né

Mũi Né is a fishing-town turn into seaside-retreat in Southern Vietnam. After 4 hours and a half ride from the Ho Chi Minh City, you will be served the greatest seafood in Mũi Né. At least, there are more than 20 restaurants and cafes selling sea reptiles and various shells. The choice is huge ranging from sea bass, rays, lobsters and crabs, shrimps and mussels, shells and eels, frogs and turtles, tuna and clownfish, squids and octopuses and many others. Plus, Mũi Né is well known for unique white and red sand dunes, featuring several lakes and even swamps straight in the middle of sandy terrain. It is also the only place in Vietnam with a hot air balloon ride service for adventurous tourists. So, great seafood and hot air balloon ride service go to Mũi Né! 

How to go: This route provided by Tam Hanh , and Dan Anh Limousine, running 16 trips/day.

3: Nha Trang

Nha Trang is located in the South Central Coast of Vietnam which is 7 hours and a half from the Ho Chi Minh City. Nha Trang gives you many choices of tourist attraction where u can spend a longer time there with plenty of activities. Scuba diving and kiteboarding are available, as are catamaran sailboats. Winds are steady. Since Nha Trang is one of the most important tourist hubs of Vietnam, this place is taken care of and developed the most to provide a memorable experience to the tourism industry. Plus with culture, traditional and nightlife, Nha Trang should be one in your checklist if you are traveling to Vietnam.

How to go: This route provided by Tam Hanh Travel 2 trips/day. You can also connect your trip from Mũi Né to Nha Trang as well from the same operator.