BookMeBus introduced its very first mobile app in early 2016 with only Bus booking feature, yet the booking confirmation would take up to 24 hours. Moreover, it was the beginning just like a pilot product for us to get to understand users more, all feedback was taken into account which contributes to the development of the new version and new technology for a whole new experience. 
Today, we are proud to introduce the new BookMeBus app with a new look and focuses mainly on the user’s experiences, bring passengers closer to our support team and more features for their convenience. Moreover, the new layout mainly designed to deliver a fresh look and feel to all levels of users and more easy to the eyes.

Here is the highlight of our update on the app:  
1. Improving user experience: More interactive keys that enable users to feel more attached to the app and find it easy when planning for their trip. 

2. Bus, Taxi, and Ferry booking – all in one platform for users to get more than just their bus tickets. 

3. Able to book a return trip: now users can be better at planning the trip by booking a return ticket for less hassle, and secure seats. 

4. Language Choice:  All feature and keys translated to either English /Khmer to assist users who have a language barrier or who prefer either language. 

5. Trip Reminder: Every trip has a reminder 2 hours before the trip starts for more interaction and help users ensure their readiness for the trip. 

6. E-ticket: Once the payment is completed, users will get instant confirmation and receive their e-ticket right after that. The e-ticket contains QR code, support’s contact, and map for boarding and drop-off point that helps users get their transfer once they reach their destination or how to get to the station. 

7. Call Button: BookMeBus support team is just one click away; there is a ‘call’ button on the bottom left where users get can connect through the team for any urgent matters, they don’t have to go through trouble finding the team’s contact. 
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