Things to do in Koh Rong

Due to our recent addition of trips to Koh Rong, we have experienced a barrage of questions on what to do when travelling to Koh Rong. So here are a few of our ideas on things to do in Koh Rong.

things to do in Koh Rong

Things to do in Koh Rong

  1. Sunrise and sunset watching. One simply must not miss out on the beauty of the sunrise and sunset at Koh Rong. Someone once said that if you have seen one sunset or sunrise, you have seen them all. But I, personally, disagree. I believe that each day is unique, and as such, sunrise and sunset is never EVER the same.
  2. Diving and snorkeling in the rich blue waters. If there is one thing that visitors can enjoy, it would be the gorgeous waters and enjoy some diving lessons that are offered. Most resorts or hotels already offer diving or snorkeling lessons to guests. Finding a class is never difficult to do.
  3. Get a tour of the island. Aside from the snorkeling and diving lessons, most hotels also offers tours of the area. Although this can sometimes be packaged if you already have a tour set up prior to your trip. When in doubt, it is always good to ask your hotel if they offer this service in case you are interested.
  4. Go on boat trips. Getting around the water is easy, and it is one of the top things to do in Koh Rong. Most guest houses offer the use of their own boats and have day tours. Usually, boat trips include swimming, barbecue, enjoying beers and going fishing or snorkeling. It is simply a fun day event.
  5. Kayaking to the small island, Koh Touch. On good weather, it is really possible to get on a kayak and paddle your way to the small island. Renting kayaks can be done by hourly or daily payment.
  6. Checking out Koh Touch. This small island is popular with guests, due to its size. Although it is simply a pagoda and some monks, but it is still one of the key places to visit when on a trip to Koh Rong.
  7. Check out the adventure park. Previously, there were not many things to do in Koh Rong. But now, there is an adventure park with a zip line, rope walk, and climbing, among other things.
  8. Check out glowing plankton. One of the things that Koh Rong is known for is having the bioluminescent plankton. However, this may be a bit tricky to find, but it is possible to spot some during moonless nights and when you venture out into the darker areas of the island.

things to do in koh rong 2

These are only a few of the things that visitors can do at Koh Rong. If you fancy simply lounging by the beach with a good book, then that is also fine. Otherwise, it also helps to ask the locals if they have tips for you, or ask from your friendly hotels for more ideas.

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BookMeBus Speed Ferry Fast Facts

Lately, we have had an overwhelming response with the opening of our ferry services. Since travelers can now book ferry tickets through BookMeBus Speed Ferry, we have decided to come up with a couple of fast facts for future travelers to check out.

We hope that this would provide enough basic information to get you started.

Speed Ferry Cambodia
Speed Ferry Cambodia

BookMeBus Speed Ferry Fast Facts

  • Purchased ferry tickets are already two-way tickets. – This means that upon purchase, travelers are already paying for 2 tickets. One going to the island, and another for coming back.
  • Only departure tickets have date specified. – This means that the second ticket is called an Open ticket. You can choose to use the second ticket on any of the times specified.
  • Times are specified for return tickets. – Since the second ticket is known as an Open ticket, travelers can choose from the following hours when they already wish to return to the main land: 10:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., and 4:00 p.m.
  • Travelers can choose which island to get off. – The departure ticket (or ticket #1, travelers can either get off at Koh Rong, or wait a few minutes and get off at Koh Rong Samloem.
  • The Open ticket is available only for a limited time. – Currently, the purchased return ticket is open for use up to 1 month validity. If more than a month has passed, another ticket needs to be purchased.

So far, these are the information that we can provide based off the questions we often received.

If you have other questions, please let us know.

BookMeBus will now book ferry tickets

As a way to expand BookMeBus horizons, we are proud to announce that we now allow travelers to book ferry tickets in Cambodia.

Boat trips in Sihanoukville

Currently, our service only offers boat trips from Sihanoukville to Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem. However, we are hoping to cater to more ferries in different locations when the time comes. For now, however, these trips are available whenever searching using the website.

book ferry tickets sihanoukville

Why the Koh Rong islands?

The reason is simple for this. The Koh Rong islands remain one of the gems of CAmbodia’s tourism. Many travelers want to get a chance to relax in its pristine beaches and enjoy the breathtaking views of the beach. Life on the islands is relaxed and anybody who goes to visit eventually comes back refreshed and ready to go on with their journey.

As it is, booking ferry tickets for the Koh Rong islands is ideal since it is a single place to buy bus tickets and coordinate ferry trips at once.

How to book ferry tickets?

Booking ferry tickets is relatively easy. Travelers simply need to do the following:

  • Visit our website
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At the moment, there are two operators: Happy Boat Tour and Speed Ferry Cambodia. Ticket prices are around $20 to $25.