BarCamp Battambang 2016 features BookMeBus

After winning the much coveted Cambodia ICT Awards 2016 1st place Gold Medal, the BookMeBus team is now at BarCamp Battambang to showcase our winning product and services. The two-day event is sure to gather the brightest and curious minds not only in Battambang but the rest of the country.

What is Barcamp Battambang 2016?

barcamp battambang Barcamp Battambang 2016 aims to help in promoting various fields of knowledge such as startups, tourism, technology, education, entrepreneurship and more within Battambang. It is a collection of ideas provided by 25 speakers spread across 2 days, from June 25 to 26. It is held at the University of Battambang, and will feature exhibitions of technology, workshops, and a number of discussions, debates, and presentations from numerous known experts.

The event is an open invitation to participants to enjoy a unique opportunity to expand their knowledge and learn about the many crucial aspects of the various industries.

While BarCamp Battambang is surely one of the major events in Cambodia, BarCamp not only holds one event but other similar events around the rest of the country.

BookMeBus makes an appearance

As with other events that support startups, BookMeBus is honored to be one of the featured services and products that BarCamp Battambang is featuring. In addition, BookMeBus’ founder and CEO, Langda Chea, presented his experience in pursuing a startup in Cambodia, as well as the risks that may be encountered during the feat.

barcamp battambang langda chea
BookMeBus CEO and Founder, Langda Chea presents BookMeBus
BookMeBus team at Battambang
BookMeBus team at Battambang

BookMeBus wins Cambodia ICT Award 2016

Friends, earlier we posted about BookMeBus joining the much anticipated Cambodia ICT Awards 2016.

Today is the final judgement day, June 16, 2016. After much deliberation and fierce competition, we are pleased to inform you that BOOKMEBUS is this year’s winner for the Cambodia ICT Awards 2016 – Startup Sector.

Given this honor, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to our loyal customers, fans, and supporters who always believed in our integrity and service. We would not be so driven and inspired if it were not for all of you.

We could not have done all this without our amazing team, who have helped during countless hours improving our services and reaching out to travelers and operators alike. Thank you.

Many thanks to our partners, as well, for trusting us and pairing with our services.

Truly, it is an incredible honor to receive the award for Cambodia ICT Award 2016 – Startup Sector. BookMeBus is honored to serve.

Visit Koh Kong on a Holiday

Just because the weather is not so sunny anymore, it does not mean you cannot visit Koh Kong for a holiday. Despite the surly weather, you can always head over to Koh Kong if you need to get away from the traffic that Phnom Penh has. It is also a great experience to check out some lesser known cities in Cambodia.

visit koh kong

Why visit Koh Kong?

Koh Kong is known to have a somewhat frontier town vibe. Due to its once relative isolation from the rest of Cambodia, several less legal acts such as banditry, illegal logging, and wild animal smuggling among others were rampant. However, since transportation has much improved, Koh Kong is now becoming a tourist destination.

The town is accessible by land, air, and sea. It can be accessed from Bangkok as well as through the town of Sre Ambel.

What can you do in Koh Kong?

Apart from getting a chance to relax, guests who have chosen to visit Koh Kong can also:

  • check out the Koh Kong bridge which links Koh Kong and the border crossing to Thailand
  • pass through the majestic Cardamom Mountains
  • check out some casinos near the border
  • enjoy boat tours to visit the uninhabited island
  • go on a trek up the Cardamom Mountains

Getting to Koh Kong

If you plan to visit Koh Kong, there are several routes you can choose from if you plan to travel by bus. Phnom Penh to Koh Kong is possible with trips as early as 07:45 a.m. For those leaving from Siem Reap to Koh Kong, there are schedules that leave at 7:00 p.m. If you are on your way from Phnom Penh to Pattaya, you can get a glimpse of Koh Kong as it passes through the border on the way to Thailand.

For more routes, you can try searching at our main site.

BookMeBus is joining the Cambodia ICT Awards 2016

Aiming to foster innovation within the ICT sectors, the Cambodia ICT Awards 2016 aims to provide more opportunities to aspiring innovators and encourage participants in creating new concepts for students and institutions alike. This year, BookMeBus is joining the Cambodia ICT Awards 2016 with hopes that our efforts are recognized.

cambodia ict awards 2016

Cambodia ICT Awards 2016: Where does BookMeBus fit in?

The ICT Awards is a national event that is held yearly. Winners from the Cambodia ICT Awards will then be sent to represent the country in the ASEAN ICT Awards, which will be held in Brunei. Participants are then divided into several categories including Research and Development, Startups, Corporate Social Responsibility, Private and Public Sectors, and Digital Content.

Among these categories, BookMeBus is joining the Startups category. This category is open to companies which have been active for less than 3 years. These companies MUST NOT be a subsidiary of any well-established parent company. In addition, the founder must be a major shareholder of the company.

BookMeBus is raring to go!

Please join us in supporting BookMeBus in this new adventure! BookMeBus is still relatively young, but it has come far in terms of technology and development.

We have created the video below as our official application to the Cambodia ICT Awards 2016. We would appreciate it very much if you could help us share.

Results will be announced in June 16, 2016. Stay tuned for more updates.